Website Status

For those that may have visited this site in the years past, you’ll might notice (if you even remember) that there’s a whole lot less content than there used to be.  We migrated off of a server some time ago, and when I downloaded the database (SQL), apparently, there was a problem with the query and not everything made it (not sure how it happened).

I have some ancient backups somewhere, so, if I can find them (assuming I didn’t delete them during routine house-cleaning and system re-imaging), I’ll put them back up.  The dates may not be accurate– probably best guessing will go on.

But so is the fate of a website that has not received much attention in the past few years.  My fault entirely.  Besides– there are so many Linux resources out there, I’m not sure I’ll add much, but if I do a little, it’s worth it to me.  After all, the domain name DailyLinux rocks and is easily remembered!  🙂

Take care, and email me if you have any suggestions or questions.