Using ‘vi’ Over ‘scp’

Image of a bash terminal

I’ve been working in a Docker lab environment with several CentOS minimal installations.  I am editing Docker Stack YAML files, and I’ve gotten too used to my vi setup (actually, spacevim)– so when I invoke vi I’m shocked at the barbarous lack of color coding!  Heathen!

Well, I knew I could invoke vi remotely, but nevery really did it (or if I did, I know I forgot).  But it’s so simple!  You can do this a couple of ways– you can mount the remote host with FUSE and SSHFS, but that’s seems to be a hammer problem when you have a screw (of the “Everything looks like a nail when you have a hammer” fame).  I wanted something with a little more finesse.

Answer?  Simple!  vi scp://<user>@<host>//<directory>/<filename>

Once you authenticate, you’re in like Flynn!  The only thing you may run into is the ‘buftype’ might be set (e.g., E382: Cannot write, 'buftype' option is set).  If so, just enter  vi‘s set buftype command :set buftype=" ".

See the terminal capture below (even if the typing is a little slow).

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