Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Solution for Linux

If you’re managing Linux hosts within a predominantly Microsoft Windows environment, then you probably are aware of the robust and myriad Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) clients that are available.  Of course, there’s the native RDP client, Remote Desktop Client available on Windows, and there’s others.  My personal preference is MobaXterm, as it provides a busy-box bash shell environment, along with integrated networking tools (network & port scanner!), RDP client, VNC, client, SSH/SSL terminal and browser, etc.

Now, this may be blasphemy to some, but I really don’t like VNC’s connection options.  Besides my personal experience being sub-par graphics, funky mouse behavior, and just the plain ‘ugh-ness’ of VNC, I can’t use it in the corporate environment I work in.  Why?  Because port 5900 is blocked.  However, port 3389 is not.  Yes, I know, I can always reconfigure the VNC host to listen on 3389, but why, when there’s an awesome solution found in xRDP?  Exactly.  And xRDP has worked smashingly so far– great graphics, great mouse tracking / responsiveness.  It’s my goto solution now for Linux hosts in the Windows dominated client environment.  And this solution is available in most repositories (CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, *Kali*, etc.).

Go grab it! 🙂


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