Who said ‘sed’ is easy? Great info on ‘sed’…

Although I have several enterprise storage certifications, I think I need to restore my Red Hat Linux credential as well. But before I do so, I know I need to refresh my skills, as I’ve had more than one friend that was Linux fluent that took the RHCE only to fail and have to take it again (and at several hundred dollars per attempt, I don’t want to go do it a 2nd or 3rd time).

So I’m reviewing some RHEL material, and I see the ‘sed’ reference in the learning manual. Now, some of you may use ‘sed’ (standing for stream editor) day-in and day-out, but I have not. Nor ‘awk’. But I do intend on becoming more than passingly competent in each.

In pursuit of ‘sed’ excellence, I came across this great site about someone else who documented their learning experience with the UNIX stream editor ‘sed’, and I think you would find value as well. Hop on over to Grymoire’s site and view what they have on ‘sed‘. You can click here to view Bruce Barnett’s “Sed – An Introduction and Tutorial” article or punch cut and paste the following URL:


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