Stuck with Windows at work? Try MobaXterm

If you’re like me and you need to have a Linux/UNIX environment in a Windows world, but you don’t really care to install the bloat of Cygwin or find it inconvenient to have a VM on standby all the time, you probably will find MobaXterm a great compromise. When I’m teaching enterprise storage technologies and I have to connect to various devices and hosts via SSH, or just want a UNIX-like CLI instead of PowerShell, this is my “Go-To Tool”.

You should try it out. It has a “Home” version and “Professional” version. One is limited in the number of saved sessions (12), and the Pro version has no limitation. From what I can tell, both are covered by the GNU license, though you have to buy a subscription to get the Pro version (which I have done– it’s worth it to me). It has actually replace PuTTY for me, and I love the integrated Remote Desktop Protocol capabilties as well.

Check it out if you’d like…

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