Accessing a Domain-member Window’s Share from Linux

If you’re a Microsoft Window’s user, accessing another Windows user’s share is pretty straight-forward. You can browse to it via Windows Explorer, or, more commonly (at least for me), do it quickly with the <Windows Key>+<R> keystroke, and enter the name of the share using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) format, which looks like “\\servername\sharename”. Or, when spoken, comes across in endearing tech-speak as “whack-whack server name whack share name”.

I’ve never had trouble with this in the past. However, I do have a laptop that is attached to a domain, and for some reason, I was unable access the share– I kept getting a time-out and then it simply dropped.

I searched and searched the internet for a straight-forward explanation, but found nothing specific for UNIX-to-Windows share viewing and browsing; hence, the genesis of this post.

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